Tanmay Patel

UI Developer with 8+ Years of Experience


I'm Tanmay Patel. Born and brought up in joyful city of Surat, India and currently working as a Lead UI Developer, and a hobbyist Designer, as an on-site consultant from TATA Consultancy Services in Dubai. My work revolves around making Web Applications and Hybrid Mobile Apps using HTML Technologies, and creating environment which helps my team efficiently doing the same. As a JavaScript enthusiast, I have also worked with Node.js for some experiments and some (in-progress) side projects. Some features I strive for while creating applications are - Consistent, Delightful, Offline-first, Mobile-first, Real-time & Multi- sensory. While not in front of screens, I like to read books or spend time under open sky. Besides these, I Mitali.

Some of My Skills,

HTML/CSS Advanced

JavaScript Advanced

UI/UX Design Intermediate

Build Tools Intermediate

Mobile Dev. Intermediate

Architecture Elementry

And other notable stuff I know,

  • Git as Version Control System
  • LESS/SASS CSS Pre-processors
  • JS libraries like React, Backbone, jQuery etc.
  • Frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile etc.
  • RESTful APIs using Swagger &Node.js

My Career and Education so far,

Assistant Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services

From Jan 2013

Growing Inside a Giant

Again relocating, this time to Pune, to join as a developer who can work well with HTML technologies. I helped them to create a small, but go-to, team for any UI Development projects. Here, I have got opportunity to jump up the train of trends for taking advantage of new abilities of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and ecosystem of tools created around the same. With help of my team, we were able to create a flexible framework & toolset to give us head-start in booting a project quickly and maintaining it well with its growth. Working in this large enterprise also gave me a good amount of experience in making a project crisis ready, working with multiple vendors and diverse set of stakeholders.

Senior Software Engineer at Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd.

From Aug 2010 to Jan 2013

Shifting Along with Time (and Technology)

After working in Surat for exactly 2 years, I moved to Mumbai, to work with Hurix on their product named Dictera - a content authoring, management and publishing platform, powered by Flash Platform at that time. After initially working on its Flex-based Authoring tool, I have played a major role in transforming the publishing platform to be HTML-based along with addition of support for Mobile devices with their rise in education. By bringing my perspective from previous experience with large and interactive applications in Flash and ActionScript, we were able quickly convert existing Flash-based activities to HTML.

Flash Platform Developer at Avinashi Systems Pvt. Ltd.

From Aug 2008 to Aug 2010

Getting Up and Flying!

With some existing knowledge showcased by my final year academics project - Mix d'Pix - and my passion for the Flash Platform, I started my career in Avinashi, to sharpen my skills in my dream technology. I was part of their FlashBrain team, who has similar passion for Flash Platform. With their support, I ramped up on how to handle large projects technically and how some known frameworks and patterns can help us along the line. I was lucky enough to be able to work on projects involving hardware integration, multi-client applications and real-time communication before they were norm.

First Class with Distinction in B.E. Computer Science

From 2003 to 2008

From Veer Narmad South Gujarat University with 76.83%. Have got the 1st rank in my college in Computer Engineering Department during the final year.

A few projects I've worked upon,

EquipTrak Equipment inventory on the go

A mobile application, along with a companion web application, for maintaining inventory of equipments for a project and site. The application helped in standerdizing and optimizing the process of scrapping or transferring assets between sites by digitizing it and requiring users to capture actual data using device's sensors.

PartsBook Parts management on steroids

A modern web application for maintaining a large catalog of parts for an industrial client. The application made use of browser data storage, JSON streaming and JSON Schema to optimize data loading performance and allowing users to filter thorugh the whole dataset from a single screen. The application also implemented workflow for making changes in catalog which requires work across multiple departments.

Dictera Content Authoring and Publishing Platform

One of the most comprehensive flex-based content authoring and management platform, with some predefined templates seamlessly integrated into digital content development workflow. Dictera allows cross-platform publishing by exporting HTML based output as well as standards-complient content files which can be consumed by native mobile client applications.

SyncAcross Everything up to date, wherever you are

SyncAcross automatically synchronizes your contacts, calendars and tasks and keeps them up to date. No matter what application you are using or where you are located, your information is always current.

PQ Probe Power Quality Analyzer & Visualizer

PQProbe is a three-phase power quality analyzer which adheres to international standards and it makes detecting power problems simple thereby reduce electrical operating costs, improve system reliability and efficiency. It shows live power data in graphical and textual format updating in near realtime, and also allows data to be recorded for fuurther analysis.

Mix D'Pix Image Editing Online

A Flash-based Online Image Editor RIA that facilitates user to perform basic and intermediate level of Image Editing functionality within their browser anytime, anywhere.

About This Site!

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